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Unit 8 – Accounting Reports 215

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Unit 8 – Accounting Reports


a) Only Bank transactions

c) Single transaction involving both Cash & Bank

b) Only Cash transactions

d) Both Cash & Bank transactions

4 . Profit and Loss Account displays:

a) Net Increase in Cash

c) Net Decrease in Outstanding

b) Net Profit / Loss

d) All of the above

5 . What are On Account Entries?

6 . What is the difference between Pending Bills and Due Bills?

7 . What is Ledger and what information it displays?

8 . What are the benefits of viewing Merged Account Ledger?

9 . If in Busy, Closing Trial balance is not matched then what could be the possible reason?

1 0 . Is there any report, which displays the amount to be paid to the parties on a specific date?

1 1 . Is there any report from which we can get balance of particular account on a particular date?

1 2 . Which report shows bill-wise outstanding?

1 3 . Which report shows profit or loss for a specified period?

1 4 . Which report shows movement of a particular Group of Account during a period?

1 5 . In which report we can view details of all Sales voucher entered in a specified period?

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