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Unit 6 – Transactions 151

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Unit 6 – Transactions 151

Figure 6.17 Stock Transfer – Add

In the Stock Transfer – Add window, there are various data fields. The data fields are:


Select the required voucher series from the list.


Enter voucher date in this data field.

Vch No.

Enter voucher number in this data field. If you have set voucher numbering as Automatic in Vouchers Configuration then voucher number will be generated automatically and you cannot change value in it. If you have set voucher numbering as Not Required in Vouchers Configuration then this data field will be disabled and you are not allowed to enter voucher number. By default, voucher numbering is set to Not Required for Stock Transfer vouchers.



Select the Material Centre from where the goods have been dispatched or transferred.


Select the Material Center where the goods have been received or transferred.


Enter narration for the voucher in this data field. You can select from the already created Short Narrations by pressing <F4> key.

Item Details Grid

Under Item Details grid, you can enter details about the item stock transferred. Various fields under this grid are:


Select item from the list whose stock is transferred.


Enter quantity of item transferred.


By default, the Main unit specified in the Item master is displayed in this data field. You can select any other unit if the conversion factor exists between the Main unit and the unit selected in this data field.


Enter price of the item in this data field.


By default, the product of price and quantity is displayed in this data field. However, you can change the amount as per your requirement. If you make any changes in the Amount data field then Price data field will be updated automatically.

Bill Sundry Details Grid

Under Bill Sundry Details grid, you can specify details about the Bill Sundries charged in the bill. For example, you have paid freight & forwarding or conveyance charges for delivering goods from Karol Bagh Material Centre to R.P. Bagh Material Centre then you can enter Freight & Forwarding Bill Sundry in the voucher. Various data fields that appear in the Bill Sundry Details grid are:

Bill Sundry

Select the Bill Sundry to be charged in the voucher.

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