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How to Take Backup Data in Busy?

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How to Take Backup Data in Busy?

While using an accounting software, security of data is as important as the accuracy of data. It is necessary to ensure that the data remains secure to ensure smooth working of organization. There can be circumstances in which the data may get corrupted. In such a case, if there is a backup of the data then you can restore the data from the backup and continue with your work without any hindrance. It is recommended that you take regular backup of the data to avoid loss of data due to unexpected problems like data corruption, virus attack, abnormal shutdown of the PC, hard disk crash and so on.

Company > Backup Data

To take backup for a company, the Company menu provides the Backup option.

  • Click the Backup Data option. On clicking the Backup Data option, a Select Company for Backup window appears that lists down all the existing companies.

  • Select the company for which you want to take backup and click the Select button. Next, an Authority Check window appears asking for a valid user name and password for the company. Enter the user name and password and click the OK button.

Next a Company Backup window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Company Backup window.

Company Backup window

How to take backup data in busy accounting software

 In the Company Backup window, following data field appears:

Path for Backup

In this data field, enter the path where you want the backup data to be stored. The path can either be on the hard disk or a removable disk such as a floppy disk or a CD. If you have specified a path for taking backup on individual days in the Administration > Configuration > Backup Configuration option then by default that path appears in this data field. For example, if you are taking Backup on Monday and in the Administration > Configuration > Backup Configuration option, you have specified path for taking Backup on Monday as C:\Backup\Monday then C:\Backup\Monday will appear in this data field.

You can set path for taking Backup on individual days by using Administration > Configuration > Backup Configuration option.

  You can also give a path that is not yet created. Let us understand with the help of an example. You specify the Path for Backup as C:\Backup. The Backup folder is not created as yet. In this case, BUSY will ask you that do you want to create the specified folder as it is not yet created. If you are working on a Client – Server model and you are taking Backup from Client machine then an additional data field, Shared Folder Path also appears.

In this case, in the Path for Backup data field, you can specify the path for only that folder to which you have access rights. The folder can be on any computer on the network but you must have the rights to access that folder. The Backup copy will be created at the path specified in the Path for Backup data field.

In the Shared Folder Path data field, you have to specify the path of the folder which must be on the Server machine and it should be a shared folder. First the backup copy will be temporarily created in this folder and then it will be finally saved in the folder as specified in the Path for Backup data field.

Select Fin. Years

In this data field, select the financial years for which you want to take backup.



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