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How to Select BUSY Model – Busy-21

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How to Set Busy Model

Select BUSY Model

Company > Select BUSY Model

Select BUSY Model option provides flexibility to choose the BUSY model in which you want to work. This option is useful for people who download the BUSY software from internet or who have a demo copy of the BUSY software but do not know various features available in different models of BUSY.

Select BUSY Model screen displays the model-wise features provided in BUSY. Users who have a demo copy and want to buy a regular version of BUSY can work on different models of BUSY on trial basis and decide that which BUSY model best suits their company’s need. However if a person is using regular version of BUSY and wants to upgrade it to a higher model then he can also check the availability of features in higher models and then accordingly upgrade BUSY to a higher model.

In simple words, Select BUSY Model provides the option to run BUSY on trial basis in each and every model provided by BUSY. After reviewing various features available in different models, an individual or company can purchase BUSY in required model.

On clicking the Select BUSY Model option, a Select BUSY Model window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Select BUSY Model window.

Select BUSY Model window

How to Select Busy Model in Busy -21

Select BUSY Model window is basically divided into three parts:

  • Select Edition
  • Database Type
  • User Type

Select Edition

This part of the Select BUSY Model window displays all the available BUSY models. Each model displays the basic features available in addition to the features available in its preceding or lower model. You can select the model as per your requirement.

Database Type

Under this part, two options, MS Access and MS SQL appear. Basically BUSY uses either of these two databases for its back-end processing. You can select the required database type. This option is not available for BUSY BS model as BS model uses only MS Access as its database type.

User Type

Under this part, you can select that whether you want to run BUSY in single-user mode or multi-user mode. If you use MS SQL as database type then you can run BUSY only in multi-user mode.

To reflect any changes in BUSY application, you have to restart the BUSY application. For example, if you have selected edition as Enterprise then you have to restart the BUSY application to run it in Enterprise edition.

If a security device (Dongle) is attached on the computer and you have selected a model other than as specified in Dongle then a Model Conflict message box appears on running the BUSY application.  If you want to run BUSY as per the dongle information then click the As per Security Device button in the message box otherwise if you want to run BUSY application in the model as specified by you using the Select BUSY Model option then click the As Specified by You button.

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