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How to Reindex Data base in Busy-21 #07

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How to Re-Index Data Base

How to Reindex Data base in Busy-21

“Optimize your data integrity in Busy-21 by learning how to reindex database. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and efficient reindexing process. Enhance your data management now!

Company > Reindex Database

BUSY stores the records in a database. Sometimes the data can get corrupted due to various reasons such as virus attack and so on. In such a case, you can Reindex the database to repair the corrupted data.

If you are unable to open a company due to some missing or corrupted files or are unable to work properly in BUSY, run the Reindex Databases option to correct the problem.

How to Reindex Data Base in Busy

To Reindex the database for a company, the Company menu provides the Reindex Databases option. Reindex Databases option helps to repair the corrupted data by means of reindexing. Reindexing refers to rewriting the index for the database. An index in the database is like the index of a book that allows you to access different topics easily and quickly. In addition, the Reindex Databases option frees up the unused space in the database and makes the database compact. Reindex Databases option is also provided in the Housekeeping menu that gets activated only when a company is open. The main reason of giving the Reindex Databases option in the Company menu is that sometime due to some problem, company does not get opened. In that case, you can use the Reindex Databases option, without opening the company and you might get the problem repaired.

  • Click the Reindex Databases option. On clicking the Reindex Databases option, a Select Company for Reindexing Databases window appears asking for the company for which the database is to be restored.
  • Select the company that you want to Reindex the database for and click the Select button. A Please Take Backup message box appears advising you to take backup of the data before reindexing the database.

You are advised to take a backup of the data before reindexing the databases.

Given here is a screenshot of the Please Take Backup message box.

Please take Backup message box

  • Select the appropriate option and click the Ok button. A Reindexing Databases message box appears confirming the Rendex action.
  • Click the Ok button to start the reindexing process.

The process of reindexing databases takes some time. Do not close BUSY when the databases are being reindexed as it might cause some problem.

A Databases Reindexed Successfully message box appears on the successful Reindex of the database.

  • Click the Ok button to close the message box.
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