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How to Convert Data to Old Structure in Busy-21 #08

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How to Convert Data to Old Structure in Busy-21

Explore the process of convert data to an old structure in Busy-21 with our comprehensive guide. Ensure seamless transitions and maintain compatibility with legacy systems. Master data conversion now!

Company > Convert Data to Old Structure

With BUSY 16 (Rel 6.0) onwards, data file structure of Access will automatically be changed from mdb format to bds format. This is done to protect files against virus attack / ransom ware attack as usually virus is attacking files with mdb extension.

How to convert data from old structure in busy 21

However if you wish to convert data of new version i.e. BUSY Rel 16 (Rel 6.0) onwards to older format basically bds format to mdb format then you can use this utility. Need for this utility will arise to make new data compatible with older versions i.e. to run data on BUSY version released before BUSY 16 (Rel 6.0).

On selecting this utility, a Convert Data Files window will appear displaying number of companies of new versions and old versions. New version refers to BUSY 16 (Rel 6.0) onwards and old version refers to all releases before BUSY 16 (Rel 6.0).

Click Convert button to start the process of converting bds data files (that were previously changed from mdb to bds format) to again mdb format.

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