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How to Create Company (Regular) in Tally Prime – #Tutorial-T001

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How to Create Company Regular in Tally Prime

How to Create Company (Regular) in Tally Prime

“Learn step-by-step: How to create company in Tally Prime(regular). Master the process efficiently and manage your company setup effortlessly.”

Step1:- Gateway of Tally > Alt+K > Create

After go through the above Step, Screen will be Appear like this:-

how to create company in tally prime
*Fill the information related to your company like, Name of Company, address of company, contacts details and other information.*Company Name: Enter company name in this field like, Tata Company*Mailing Name: Type Company’s Short name here for Show in Invoice/Bill

*Address: Enter company address

*State: Select State like, Bihar or Delhi

*Country: Select country

* Pin Code: Enter pin code

*Telephone: Enter telephone number

*Mobile No: Enter mobile number

*Fax No: Enter Fax number

*Email: Enter your company official communication mail id

*Website: Enter your company website address

*Financial year begins from: Enter financial year begins from like, 01.04.2021

*Books beginning from: Most of the cases financial year begins date from and books beginning date from are same but when you have created a company in Tally Prime on 01.07.2021, in this case financial year begins from 01.04.2021 and books beginning date from 01.07.2021.*Set TallyVault Password to encrypt Company Data: Yes*TallyVault Password: type your password

*Confirm TallyVault Password: Again Type your Password

*Control User Access to Company Data: No

*This is very useful option in Tally by activating this option you can avoid unauthorized access of company data by Other User.

*Base Currency symbol: ₹ Currency symbol of the country

*Formal Name: INR is formal name Indian Home currency

*Is Symbol Suffixed to Amounts: If required you can enable this option, the purpose of this
option is whether currency symbol is required prior to amount like, ₹860

*Add space between amount and symbol: Yes, this is like space between amount and currency symbol ₹ 650

*Show Amount in Millions: For Show balance sheet and other reports in Millions example, Rs.1000000 is equal to 1 Million.

*Number of decimal place: Generally will use 2 decimals for paisa purpose in India like, Rs.88.45.

*Word representing amount after decimal: It is by default set as paisa, Because Small Currency Value in India is Paisa.

*No. of decimal places for amount in words: This is for decimal places for amount in words, type ‘2’.

*Fill All Option in Company Creation Screen like following screenshot:

How to Create company in tally prime

* After Fill All Option in Company Screen Press ‘Ctrl+A’

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