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GST is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based consumption tax on levied at every stage of value addition in the lifecycle of a product. To understand this better, let us look at each of the terms in detail:

GST- Comprehensive - Multi Stage - Destination- based consumption
Comprehensive: GST will subsume all of the current indirect taxes. Plus, by bringing in a unified taxation system, across the country, it will ensure that there is no more arbitrariness in tax rates.

Multi-stage: GST is levied each stage in the supply chain, where a transaction takes place. Value-addition: This is the process of addition to the value of a product/ service at each stage of its production, exclusive of initial costs. Under GST, the tax is levied only on the value added. This is done through

Destination-based consumption: Unlike the current indirect taxes, GST will be collected at the point of consumption. The taxing authority with appropriate jurisdiction in the place where the goods/ services are finally consumed will collect the tax

For example: Let’s say that cotton garments are being shipped from Karnataka to Maharashtra. Karnataka is the producer state and Maharashtra is the consumer state. Tax revenue under GST

Let’s understand how this will impact imports and exports. Exports are not taxable, because the place of consumption is outside India. Imports are taxable, because the place of consumption is in India.

The tax on imported goods will therefore be just the same as domestically-produced goods. Imports would be costlier because of additional custom duties. Thus, the export industry will become more competitive. Also, domestic goods will be protected by making imports at par with domestic goods.
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