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Unit 6 – Transactions 171

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Unit 6 – Transactions 171

ü Sale / Purchase Account data field appears in Sale / Purchase voucher only if the Sale / Purchase Type selected in voucher has Specify in Voucher option enabled in it.

ü With Item-Wise Sales Tax and Item-Wise Tax Information window, you can specify the tax rate individually with each item used in voucher.

ü You can specify the Form Issued / Received Amount in the ST Form Details window that appears in various vouchers.

ü Journal voucher is basically entered for the entries that cannot be classified as sale / purchase, payment / receipt and so on. For example, entry for Depreciation charged on fixed assets, entry for salary paid to the employees and so on.

ü Contra voucher is entered for entries that involve only cash or bank accounts.

ü Debit / Credit Note vouchers are raised for a party for reasons other than invoice sent to the party or received from the party. It denotes the amount to be taken / given from / to the party for various reasons.

ü Stock Transfer voucher records the movement of goods from one Material Centre to another.

ü Form Issued / Received vouchers are entered when the ST Form is issued / received to / from the party.

ü By creating different voucher series for a voucher type, you can set different voucher settings for a single voucher type.

ü Using Vouchers Configuration option, you can define the settings for automatic round off of the bill amount in advance.


1 . Voucher Numbering for a series can be:

a) Automatic c) Not Required

b) Manual d) All of the above

2 . We can add prefix or suffix to a voucher number if numbering type is:

a) Automatic c) Not Required

b) Manual d) All of the above

3 . Sale Type used for entering separate tax rate with each item is:

a) VAT Multi Tax c) VAT 1% (R)

b) VAT 5% (T) d) VAT Exempt

4 . In a voucher, existing Short Narrations can be picked by pressing:

a) F4 key c) F3 key

b) F12 key d) Enter Key

5 . Occurrence of Form Receivable / Issuable window in a voucher is dependent on:


a) Party

c) Sale / Purchase Type

b) Series

d) Material Centre

6 . Occurrence of Bill-by-Bill Adjustment of Amount window in a voucher is dependent on:

a) Party

c) Sale / Purchase Type

b) Series

d) Material Centre

7 . Three methods used in Bill-by-Bill Adjustment of Amount window are:

a) Create / Adjust/Append

c) New Ref / Adjust / Concatenate

b) NewRef / Adjust / Append

d) Enter / AutoAdjust / Append

8 . Data Entry of Payment / Receipt voucher can be done using:

a) Single Entry System

c) Both Double and Single Entry System

b) Double Entry System

d) Depends upon Features and Options

9 . In Single Entry System of entering Payment voucher, you need to specify:

a) Cash & Bank accounts

c) Payment Mode and affected accounts

b) Accounts debited / credited

d) All of the above

1 0

. Debit and Credit amount in a Payment voucher should:

a) Always Match

c) Not be less than 1

b) Not be in Decimal

d) Both a & b

1 1

. In the Payment voucher, VAT Adjustment Details window appears, if:

a) VAT account is debited

c) Name of the account debited is VAT

b) VAT is enabled in the Company

d) All of the above

1 2

. Which of the following is a Contra entry?

a) Cash deposited in Bank

c) Cash withdrawal from Bank

b) Bank to Bank transfer

d) All of the above

1 3

. If goods are purchased against C form then:

a) C form is received

c) Can be received / issued based upon Purchase Type

b) C form is issued

d) None of the above

1 4

. Number of Material Centres specified in Stock Transfer Voucher are:

a) Two

c) Four

b) Three

d) One

1 5

. Stock Updation Date can be entered for:

a) Account Voucher

c) Dual Vouchers

b) Inventory Voucher

d) Both a & b

1 6

. VAT Journal voucher can be entered for:

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