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Purchase Voucher Entry (F9)

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Purchase Voucher Entry (F9)

Step: GOT > Voucher > F9 > Ctrl+H > Item Invoice

Ø After follow above step then screen of Purchase voucher will shown like this following screenshot:

Ø Pass Entry By filling following details like

· Party A/c Name – Take any Creditor, I take ‘Ritesh Gupta’

· Purchase ledger – Purchase A/c

· Name of Item – Select that Item which you create for Purchase

· Quantity (Actual) – Type Actual Quantity value which you received in time of Purchase. I type ’60 kgs’.

· Quantity (Billed) – Type Billing Quantity value which we will be making Payment for that quantity in time of Purchase. I type ’50 kgs’

· Rate – Type Price of One Quantity item, I type ’70’

Fill all details of above example like following screenshot.

Ø Press ‘Ctrl+A’ for save screen

Ø Practice Exercise for Actual and Billed Quantity Transactions Sales Entry, for you

Ex: 1.Mohan Sharma Sold 70 kgs Wheat from Rajesh Gupta on Rs 40 each Kgs but he paid Amount for only 50 Kgs Wheat due to low quality of wheat. In that transaction Actual Quantity of Rice Sold 70 kgs but billing Quantity of Wheat is 50 kgs.

Step: GOT > Voucher > F8 > Ctrl+H > Item Invoice

· Party A/c Name – Take any Debtor, Like ‘Rajesh Gupta’

· Purchase ledger – Sale A/c

· Name of Item – Wheat

· Quantity (Actual) – 70 kgs

· Quantity (Billed) – 50 kgs

· Rate – 40

· For Showing Inventory Reports

Step: GOT > Stock- Summary > F5

In Stock summary, Actual & Billed Quantity Transactions Affect reports of Inventory will shown like this following Screenshot:

Ø Here in this Above Reports Tally Prime display 60 kgs of Basmati Rice stock-Item because this quantity that we have actually received from Party Ritesh Gupta & Total Value of Item shown Rs 3500 which is calculate according to Rs 70 each kgs for 50 kgs.

Price Levels & Price List in Tally Prime Class-6

Price levels: – Price levels are classifications of buyers in our business. It is useful when we deals with different party for selling like Wholesaler, dealer, Retailer, consumer etc. It is also used in certain festivals for selling in offer like Diwali offer, Holi offer etc. Before use of Price list first you have to create Price levels.

Price list: – Price list is generally used by organizations and firm which deals in multiple products. By using of Price list we maintained in various structures of any particular item for different types of buyers wise, like wholesaler viz., Dealer & retailer viz.

The Price list is structured of any Particular Item based on the classification of buyers and is referred to at the time of making sales invoice.

Ex: Mr. Rohan sale Sony TV up to 10 Nos in 5000, Above 10 Nos in 4900, and between 20 to 40 Nos in 4800. So, Price list have to create for Sony TV to manage this type sale.

v Process 1: Create Price Levels

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