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Learn STD deviation formula in excel Uses With Example.

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What Does It Do ?

This function calculates the standard deviation of a list of values.
The result is calculated on the basis that the values represent the entire population.


=STDEVP(Range1,Range2,Range3 through to Range30)


No special formatting is needed.

The table below was used by a company interested in buying a new machine
to pack washing powder.
A trial run of just four boxes per machine were produced.
The boxes were weighed and the =STDEVP() function used as these boxes
represented the entire test run.
The machine with the smallest variance was the most consistent. ????????????????????

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Explanation of formula:

This finds the lowest value. =(MIN(H32:H34)
This finds the position of the lowest value. =MATCH(MIN(H32:H34),H32:H34,0)
This looks down the Machine column to =INDEX(C32:C34,MATCH(MIN(H32:H34),H32:H34,0))
find the machine name.

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