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Learn Minute Excel formula.

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Minute Excel formula Learn


What Does It Do?
The function will show the minute of the hour based upon a time or a number.
Only the fraction part of the number is used as it is this which relates to time of day.


The result will be shown as a normal number between 0 and 59.

The =REPT() function has been used to make a digital display for the current time.
The time functions of =HOUR(), =MINUTE() and =SECOND() have been used in conjunction
with the =NOW() as the basis for the number of repeats.
To update the clock press the function key F9.

Minute Excel formula example
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To convert a time in hh:mm format to decimal format.

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To convert a time in decimal format to hh:mm format.

Minute excel function
The three formula above have also been formatted as hh:mm using
58 the Format, Cells, Number, Time command.
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