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Learn Lookup Vector formula advance in excel.

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LOOKUP (Vector)

Learn How to use Lookup Vector Excel formula


What Does It Do ?This function looks for a piece of information in a list, and then picks an item from
a second range of cells.

The WhatToLookFor should be a single item.
The Range To Look in can be either horizontal or vertical.
The RangeToPickFrom must have the same number of cells in it as the RangeToLookin.
Be careful not to include unnecessary heading in the ranges as these will cause errors.


No special formatting is needed.

The following example shows how the =LOOKUP() function was used to match a name typed
in cell G41 against the list of names in C38:C43. When a match is found the =LOOKUP() then
picks from the second range E38:J38.
If the name Carol is used, the match is made in the third cell of the list of names, and then
the function picks the third cell from the list of values.

Lookup Vector Formula Example
ProblemsThe list of information to be looked through must be sorted in ascending order, otherwise errors
will occur, either as #N/A or incorrect results.
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