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How to Import Master in Tally Prime?

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How to Import Master in Tally Prime?

GOT > Alt+O > Master

Ø After reaching by follow above step, screen of
Importing Master will show like that following


Data in Tally prime fill details
relate to import

Ø For importing

File Path – specify your Path location
where on you export tally data. For Specify exported data path Press “Back Space” and click on “Select from Drive”
or specify path then Specify Right Data Path to import. Like I specify Path “C:Program FilesTallyPrimeMaster.xml”.

File to import (XML) – Select your file
name from list in selected Path location in “file path “option. Like I select
“Master” file.

Behavior of import if master already exist – In this section there are three option are available :

Combine opening Balance – Select it when
you want to combine or mix opening balance
of imported master into existing
master in your Company.

Ignore Duplicate – Select it when you
want to ignore duplicate of imported master to` existing master in your Company.

Modify with new date – If you want
Import Master or transaction only as new in your existing company
then select it.

Ø  I select “Modify
with new data”.


After filling all above
details in Import screen, screen will shown like that following

Ø  Press Enter After filling all option

Ø  After pressing Enter
Your Master or transaction are imported in your company.




4.    Split Company
Data in Tally Prime




Split Data–
Split means Broken or divided the data in to two
more parts. In Tally Prime we can
work many years in a single company
by changing only financial year on every Years but all Years of data are mixed and difficult to analyze, share,
Manage and also a large data store in
single so company performance is also slow. So, For Solve this Problem Tally
provides us features which is known
as Split Data. By using split company data features we can break or split the company data into two financial
Years or any particular Period and also manage it as


Some Points
must be cleared before splitting company data


Accounts for your unadjusted Forex gains/losses,
if any, by recording journal

Purchase and Sales bills

Take a backup of your company

Verify your company data to ensure no
any error occur during Splitting company data



Process 1: Verify company

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