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Accounts Tab Use in Busy accounting Software

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Under Accounts section, you can set various accounting features. On clicking the Accounts button, various accounting features appear. We will cover only the basic accounting features in this section. Rest of the features will be covered in Advanced Courseware. Basic accounting features are:

Bill-by-bill Details

Bill-by-bill Details feature is useful in keeping track of bills payable / receivable. With this option, you can maintain various bills or references for a single transaction. Along with maintaining bill references, you can keep track of due dates when payment is due and view various reports displaying pending bills, cleared bills and so on. For example, you have sold goods worth Rs. 10,000 on credit basis to a party and the party ensures to pay the payment after fifteen days of delivery of goods. Hence, in this case it is necessary for you to raise a bill for the party stating the due amount and the due date of bill.

To use Bill-by-bill Details feature, you need to perform the following steps:

Click Administration        Configuration    –    Features / Options    –    Accounts tab.

Enable Bill-by-bill Details feature. On enabling this feature, a Configure button appears next to it. On clicking the Configure button, a Bill Reference Group window appears. In the Bill Reference Group window, you can enable the Enable Grouping of Reference option if you want

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