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6.1 Voucher Numbering

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6.1 Voucher Numbering

Voucher numbering is one of the essential components of voucher entry. Voucher numbering provides a unique way of differentiating various vouchers and helps in knowing the sequence in which they were entered. Each company follows a different pattern for entering voucher numbers. For example, some companies append date with voucher numbers while some companies append register or page number with voucher numbers and so on. To cater to the needs of all the companies, BUSY provides configurable voucher numbering. With configurable voucher numbering, different voucher numbering pattern can be set for different voucher types and even for a single voucher type.

To configure voucher numbering for various voucher types, click Administration à Configuration à Vouchers Configuration option. On clicking the Voucher Configuration option, a Voucher Configuration window appears. On the left hand side of the Voucher Configuration window, a list of voucher types is provided. You can select the voucher type for which you want to configure the voucher numbering. On clicking the plus (+) sign next to a voucher type, a Main option appears. This is actually a default voucher series created by BUSY. You can create different voucher series for a voucher type (see topic 6.3) and can set different voucher numberings for various series created by you.

On selecting a series, various buttons get activated on the right hand side. Click Voucher Numbering button to set voucher numbering for a voucher type. On clicking the Voucher Numbering button, a


Voucher Numbering window appears in which you can configure voucher numbering. Given here is a screenshot of Voucher Numbering window.

Figure 6.1 Voucher Numbering

In the Voucher Numbering window, there are various data fields and groups. The data fields and groups are:

Numbering Type

Select the type of numbering required for the selected series of voucher type. Under this data field, three options are provided. The options are:

Automatic – Select this option if you want to generate voucher numbers automatically. On selecting this option, you have to specify in advance the pattern according to which voucher numbers will be generated. The pattern for automatic voucher numbers can be defined in Voucher Numbering window itself (described later in this topic).

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