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12.1 Data Freezing

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12.1 Data Freezing

Data Freezing refers to freezing of data on a specific date so that no modifications can be made in the records entered before that date. Once the data is frozen on a particular date then you cannot add, modify, or delete a master / voucher before that date. Data freezing is helpful when you have checked the accuracy of your records and do not want to make any modifications in the existing records. For example, you have checked your company’s records for the first quarter April-May-June and want that no changes should be made in the Masters or Vouchers entered before 30th June. For this purpose, you can use the Data Freezing option.

To freeze the data, BUSY provides the option of Data Freezing under Administration à Utilities menu. On clicking the Data Freezing option, a Data Freezing window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Data Freezing window.

Figure 12.1 Data Freezing

In the Data Freezing window, following two data fields appear:


Freeze Data

Specify ‘Y’ in this data field if you want to freeze the data.

Freezing Date

Specify the date up to which you want to freeze the data.

è If data is already frozen then you can unfreeze the data by entering ‘N’ in the Freeze Data data field. In the Data Freezing window, a note always appears to show whether the data is currently frozen or not.

After entering appropriate data in both the data fields, click the Ok button to freeze / unfreeze the data.

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