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Unit 2 – Starting with BUSY

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Unit 2 – Starting with BUSY 25


ü Minimum Hardware requirement to run BUSY are, CD Drive, Hard Disk with at least 100 MB free space.

ü Minimum Software requirement to run BUSY are, P-IV or equivalent Processor, Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 Operating System, 512 MB RAM.

ü In BUSY Data Entry is with Masters and Transactions menu and Reporting is with Display and Printing menu.

ü Online Help can be invoked by pressing <F1> key or User’s Manual option from the Help menu.

ü You cannot exit from BUSY if a company is still opened.

ü To maintain integrity of data, always exit from BUSY by using the Exit option provided in Company menu.


1 . BUSY cannot be installed on:

a) Windows 98 c) Windows XP

b) Linux d) Windows Server 2003

2 . Minimum Processor requirement to install BUSY is:

a) P-III c) P-IV

b) P-II d) Dual Core

3 . In BUSY, help can be invoked by using:

a) F1 Key c) Help Menu

b) F2 Key d) Both a & c

4 . Recommended screen resolution for running BUSY is:

a) 800 x 600 c) 1024 x 768

b) 1152 x 864 d) Any Resolution

5 . Which menu is active in the start-up screen of BUSY:

a) Company c) Transactions

b) Administration d) Configuration

6 . What is Dongle?

7 . What are the key components of BUSY?

8 . Why is it necessary to close the company before quitting from BUSY?

There is a Brilliant Child

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Marva Collins

Unit 3

Setting up a Company in BUSY

The main objective of this unit is that the User should be able to create a company in BUSY and should start maintaining records in it. Managing a company is an important task while using a business accounting software and this unit focuses on the different options that will ease User in managing the company created in BUSY and performing different actions on it.

Topics covered under this unit:

Ø Creating a New Company

Ø Opening a Company

Ø Editing a Company

Ø Closing a Company

Ø Deleting a Company

Ø Setting Data Directory

Ø Setting Color Scheme

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