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7.2.1 Online Printing

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 7.2.1 Online


printing refers to the printing of the bill as soon as the voucher is saved.
When you save a voucher, a message box, asking you to print the bill appears.
On clicking the Yes button in the
message box, you can print the bill for the voucher entered. Depending on the
voucher type and its configuration, the number of message boxes appears for
printing of bill. For example, after saving a Sales voucher, you can either want to print details of the stock
moved out or the details of the party to whom
the sale is made or both. Details to be printed in the bills are configurable
and can be configured using the Vouchers


the Vouchers Configuration, different printing configuration for each voucher
type appears. For example in dual voucher i.e. the vouchers in which both the
inventory and accounting aspects are affected, you can specify whether you want
to print inventory aspect, accounting aspect or both. In this section, we will
discuss the concept of online printing by taking example of Sales voucher.


In Administration

à Vouchers Configuration option, select the
Voucher type as Sales and select the required series. On selecting the required
series, click the Vouchers Configuration
option. On clicking the Vouchers
option, a Voucher
window appears. In the window, there are three options
provided by BUSY. The options are, Print
Accounts Voucher After Savi
ng, Print
Inventory Voucher After Saving
and Print
Sales Invoice After Saving
. Configure these options as per your requirement. For detailed explanation, please
refer to Vouchers Configuration topic
in Unit 6.


Once you
have configured the Vouchers Configuration for printing, the appropriate number
of message box will appear for printing the bill on saving the Sales voucher. Click the Yes button in the required message box.
On clicking the Yes button, a Printing Options window appears in which
you can specify the printer details, number of copies to be printed and so on.
Click the Print button to print the

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