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7.1 Configuring Documents (Standard)

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7.1 Configuring Documents (Standard)

Configuring Document refers to the configuration settings of various bills to be printed. You can define separate configuration setting for each voucher type. For example, you may want to print terms & condition of your business in the footer of the sale bill whereas you do not want to print any terms & conditions in Purchase bill. Hence, for this purpose, you can configure various documents i.e. bills / invoice as per your requirement.

Standard configuration of documents means configuring document for basics design such as company name, address, logo, terms & conditions, item details to be printed and so on. BUSY has set a format for printing various vouchers or bills, which is called the Standard format of printing the bill. However if you wish to make some changes in the Standard format as created by BUSY, you can do so by using the Document Printing à Standard option provided under Administration à Configuration menu.

On clicking the Standard option, a Select Standard Document Configuration window appears with list of vouchers that can be configured for standard printing. Select the required voucher and click the Select button.

On clicking the Select button, a Configure Invoice (Standard) window appears. To explain various data fields of the window, we will take example of Sales voucher. On selecting the Sales Invoice option in the Select Standard Document Configuration window, a Configure Sales Invoice (Standard) window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Configure Sales Invoice (Standard) window.


Figure 7.1 Configure Sales Invoice (Standard)

In the Configure Sales Invoice (Standard) window, there are various groups and data fields. The groups and data fields are:

Invoice Heading

Under this group, you can specify the heading to be printed on top of the invoice. Various options that appear under this group are:

Auto Print ‘Tax Invoice’ or ‘Retail Invoice’ on the basis of Sale Type

Select this option if you want to print Tax Invoice or Retail Invoice as the Invoice heading. The decision to print Tax Invoice or Retail Invoice will be totally based on the Sale Type used in the voucher. If in the Sale Type master, you have specified ‘Y’ in the Tax Invoice data field then Tax Invoice will be printed on the Invoice otherwise Retail Invoice will be printed on the Invoice.

As Mentioned in Sale Type

Select this option if you want to print invoice heading as specified in the Invoice Heading data field of the Sale Type used in voucher.

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