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5.1.7 Material Centre Group

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5.1.7 Material Centre Group

A Material Centre Group is a broad level categorization under which similar types of Material Centres are grouped. All Material Centres are classified under Material Centre Groups. For example, Star Electronics Company has various godowns in Delhi. It treats all the godowns as Material Centres for the company and wants to classify Material Centres falling under same region of Delhi into one group. For this purpose it create Material Centre group with the name East Delhi Godown, Central Delhi Godown, North Delhi Godown and West Delhi Godown. Star Electronics further classifies all these Material Centre Groups under the Group Delhi Godowns. By making, this hierarchy, Star Electronics can anytime check the availability of stock in all the godowns of Delhi, all the godowns of particular region of Delhi such as North Delhi, Central Delhi, West Delhi, and East Delhi or for a particular Material Centre.

To create a Material Centre Group master, click Administration à Master à Material Centre Group à Add option. On clicking the Add option, a Group Master – Add window appears. This window is similar to the Group Master – Add window that appears for creating Account Group.

For detailed help on Group Master – Add window, please refer to the sub topic 5.1.2.


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