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5.1.6 Material Centre

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5.1.6 Material Centre

A Material Centre is a place where stock is kept. A Material Centre can be a godown, showroom, almirah, locker or any other such place where you keep your stock. Material Centre master appears in the list of Masters menu only if you have enabled the option of Enable Multi Godown Inventory in Administration à Configuration à Features / Options à Inventory tab (See Unit 4). Further if you have created more than one Material Centre master then at the time of voucher entry it is necessary to specify the Material Centre from where the goods are dispatched or where the goods are received. To create a Material Centre master, click Administration à Masters à Material Centre à Add option. On clicking the Add option, a Material Centre Master – Add window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Material Centre Master – Add window.

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Figure 5.11 Material Centre Master – Add

In the Material Centre Master – Add window, there are various groups and data fields. The groups and data fields are:

General Info

Under this group, various data fields for entering general information about the Material Centre appear. The data fields are:


Enter Material Centre name in this data field. In the screenshot above, Material Centre name is given as Godown – Karol Bagh.


Enter Alias for the Material Centre in this data field.

Print Name

Enter Print Name for the Material Centre in this data field.

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