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5.1.3 Standard Narration

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5.1.3 Standard Narration

A narration is a sentence or a line that contains particulars of an act, incident or event. In accounting scenario, it is a common practice to write a narration with every journal / voucher entry. Standard Narration is a two or three line explanation giving precise information about the voucher entry. Generally, narrations are similar for each voucher type. Hence, to avoid repetition of typing the same narration again and again, BUSY provides the Standard Narration master. With Standard Narrations, you can define narrations for individual vouchers in advance and later on use them at the time of voucher entry. At the time of voucher entry, you can pick from the existing Standard Narrations by pressing <F4> key.

To create a Standard Narration master, click Administration à Masters à Standard Narration à Add option. On clicking the Add option, a Standard Narration Master – Add window appears. Given here is a screenshot of Standard Narration Master – Add window.

Figure 5.8 Standard Narration Master – Add

In the Standard Narration Master – Add window, there are various data fields. The data fields are:

Voucher Type

Select voucher type from the list for which you want to create Standard Narration.


Enter narration for the selected voucher type in this data field. You can enter a narration up to 188 characters in case of accounting vouchers such as Receipt, Payment and 94 characters for other voucher types.

After entering appropriate data in the data fields, click the Save button to save the Standard Narration master.


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